Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Wedge...

Let’s look at what happens after congress claims a right from an individual and it is upheld by the Supreme Court. In the ‘40s, some government agency made some guy stop growing wheat in his back yard even though it was for his own use. They claimed that power over this individual’s right because, they said, it affected interstate commerce. The famous “Interstate Commerce Clause”. The Supreme Court upheld the rulings. Now congress claims the right to intrude into every aspect of individual rights, claiming the Interstate Commerce Clause gives them the authority, even the duty.

The moral of this story is that every right that is transferred from the people to the federal government is a wooden wedge in the crack of our Constitutional rock. Congress can then slowly widen that wedge over time by pouring water over the wooden wedge, causing the wood to swell and the crack to slowly widen so they can stick a bigger wedge in there and start the water treatment all over again. It is not very difficult to split a rock if you have the time, but try putting that rock back together again! How long will it take before the rock is completely broken in two?

The mightiest rock cannot withstand a wedge and a bucket of water.

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